Core Technologies

  • Deep Learning Technology
    Deep Learning Technology
    Achieve state-of-the-art performance with deep learning research and development
    Our core R&D team, including top tech talents from the US and Taiwan, has extensive experiences in the AI/DNN technology domain. Advanced neural network framework design, training, and optimization techniques are employed to achieve state-of-the-art performance.
  • AIVCTM AI Processor
    AIVCTM AI Processor
    Provide configurable and highly efficient architecture for edge AI computing
    The AIVCTM AI processor is a proprietary deep learning processor highly optimized for efficient neural network inference with ultra-low power consumption. The innovative AIVCTM AI processor not only brings state-of-the-art performance, but also permits continuous integration of new intelligent capabilities.
  • Advanced Speech Processing
    Advanced Speech Processing
    Team-up with world-class researchers to provide a high performance speech processing suite
    A voice-processing software suite is provided to enable intelligent voice functions including wake-on-voice, noise cancellation, keyword spotting, user voice verification, etc.
  • Mixed-Mode IC Design
    Mixed-Mode IC Design
    Minimize device size and power consumption by the experienced in-house IC design team
    The in-house veteran design team focuses on DNN architecture research and design that improve chip power, performance, and area by orders of magnitude. The engineering expertise and strong supply chain partners provide our customers with low-risk and high-quality ICs.